Meet the Chiropractor

Kerri Elston Doherty, BA(Hons), DC

Kerri graduated in 1999 from Life Chiropractic College West in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Over 19 years, she has developed her skills through countless hours of post-graduate education, working in several UK practices as a locum, caring for West End performers on touring productions, and holding an executive role with the United Chiropractic Association since 2012.

How does a Canadian end up in the Northeast of England?

I made the decision to be a chiropractor in a week.

Yes. One. Week.

It meant 5 more years of graduate school – lots of study, hours of training, and many, many more exams. And it meant doing something I absolutely love for over the past two decades.

I’ve always had a talent for seeing patterns – in nature, in maths, in people. And, yet, no two patterns have ever been the same to me. I have a gift for looking at situations from many perspectives at the same time. Some people call that “problem solving”.

But are you a “problem”? Do you need “solving”? Or are you simply trying to be you?

So what’s this got to do with being a chiropractor? My approach is gentle, precise and thorough. More than just bones, sinews and muscle, I see people as unique physical, chemical and emotional living systems. Whatever may not be working properly will be both affecting, and affected by, other parts. My role is to help identify what that interference might be, so people can tap into their greatest strengths.

For me, Chiropractic is about being completely and fully alive – the brain and the body, working in coordination, the way we are all designed to be. And I’ve spent the past 25 years proving it every day.

Do I have aches? I’m 51 and have 10-year-old twins – of course I do! Is my health perfect? No one’s is. I still have to meet my body’s needs for good nutrition, adequate sleep, mental challenge, creativity, managing a busy life, family and practice – and chocolate cake.

What are your needs?


Kerri graduated in 1999 from Life Chiropractic College West in the San Francisco Bay Area. She sat and passed the GCC board examinations to register in the UK as a Chiropractor in 2004.


Kerri has had over 22 years as a practising chiropractor and has been an Executive Board Member of the United Chiropractic Association from 2012 to 2018.

Practice info

The Old Correction House
28 Tynemouth Rd
North Shields NE30 4AA
T: 0191 486 2422

What Clients Say About Me

Helen B, East Cramlington..

“You don’t use tricky technical language, I understand what you say, you help me recognise when by body is slipping back and I need to see you again. You can adapt your technique to how the patient feels most comfortable and everything is explained along the way. The appointments are not rushed. The work areas are warm comfortable and clean. You have made me feel normal again and helped put aside my worries.”

Helen W, National Touring Cast of Wicked – The Musical.

“Kerri is one of the more nurturing and caring humans on this planet, and her knowledge and chiropractic skill have been a blessing for me for the last 12 years! Highly recommended to everyone!”

Daniel D, Tynemouth.

“Friendly, no fuss and continues to give me great results from my treatment.”