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Tyneside Chiropractic is located within the Old Correction House, bordering Tynemouth and North Shields.

Where to find us

Where is the Chiropractor in North Shields / Tynemouth?

The Old Correction House
28 Tynemouth Rd

NE30 4AA

Where is Tyneside Chiropractic?

We’re at the top of Tanner’s Bank, the T-junction on Tynemouth Road which leads down to the Fish Quay. You can’t miss it, as it’s the junction that sits under the Metro Rail bridge.

The office is also right next to the south entrance to Northumberland Park. That’s the side with the scooter trail and playground, and just before Tyne Tyres and the row of car workshops as you go into North Shields town centre. (We recommend the car garages, by the way!)

The Old Correction House, North Shields

The Old Correction House, where Tyneside Chiropractic is located, has a rich history.

While it has seen many businesses over the years, it started life as the House of Correction and Justices Room in the Parish of Tynemouth (formerly in Northumberland and latterly in the county of Tyne & Wear).

The House of Correction was a prison for minor offenders. Circuit judges regularly stayed at the Tynemouth Lodge whilst engaged in their periodical duties in the Justices Room, which was the local courthouse.

The Old Correction House, next to the Tynemouth Lodge Hotel, is one of just a few left standing, and was made into a Grade II listed building in 1999. Although there have been some modern extensions added to the building, the old structure is still intact.

The only thing we’re interested in “correcting” these days is getting you back on track and living the life you were meant to – no “shackles”!

Visit us

The Old Correction House
28 Tynemouth Rd


+44 191 486 2422

Access and Parking

Parking at Tyneside Chiropractic couldn’t be easier. Along Tynemouth Road itself, street parking is unmetered. At the adjacent Tynemouth Lodge, parking is based on availability and at the vehicle owner’s discretion and risk.

Public Transport

Local bus lines stop frequently along Tynemouth Road (Routes 1 and 1A, operated by Coaster). The Tynemouth Metro Station is our closest stop at a 10 minute walk.

Business Hours

 Weekday: 8am to 6pm
 Saturday: 9am to 12pm
 Sunday: closed