When should I see a Chiropractor for lower back pain?

Many people we see come to us wondering what causes low back pain. And what everyone wants to know is this – Can a Chiropractor help?

Great question! Though chiropractors do rather successfully help people with lower back pain, there is not always a simple answer.

When you have back pain, there can be many reasons why. To help guide you when you should consider seeing a chiropractor, we have 3 simple questions you can ask yourself.

  1. Is it getting better on it’s own? If the answer is no, then it’s most likely your body’s communication may be compromised. It’s worth a look.
  2. Is what you are doing right now helping? No? Common low back treatments like ice packs, hot water bottles, stretching, rest, and activity manage the aches while your body is doing its thing. Our question to you is: IS IT MAKING ANY POSITIVE CHANGE? If not, it’s worth a trip to the Chiropractor.
  3. Does it seem to get better for a few days or weeks, only to return again? Especially when you’ve “done nothing”? Yes? Hmm, sounds like the actual problem may not be fully investigated or the situation just isn’t stable yet. It’s worth a look by your Chiropractor.

Either way, you want answers. So do we. We may not have them all, but we can help with your next step. Let’s have a good chat and a good look.