Tyneside Chiropractic remains fully open throughout the new national lockdown

Tyneside Chiropractic remains fully open.

Following the government implementation of Step 2 of the Covid Roadmap to reopening on Monday 12th April 2021, we wanted to reassure all of our clients and community that Tyneside Chiropractic will continue to remain fully and legally open as declared essential healthcare..

Chiropractic Offices are legally open under the Health Protection (Coronavirus Restrictions) (England) Regulations 2020. The government is also encouraging people to continue to access necessary and routine healthcare from the NHS, which also applies to your regular Chiropractic care.

During the first lockdown, we temporarily closed Tyneside Chiropractic. In line with our community, we felt it was the right thing to do. We took this time in order to ensure we knew exactly what measures Public Health England guidance and our General Chiropractic Council required us to put in place to keep you getting the essential care you needed in a Covid secure practice.

On return, we found that many clients truly struggled for a variety of reasons in those early days, even with Telehealth support. We all learned when you need care, you NEED CARE ❤

Let’s face it, we’ve all felt far more stress and uncertainty in the last few weeks. Now, as we have been operating daily, fully in line with the ongoing PHE/ GCC Guidance, we feel the right thing to do is to REMAIN OPEN.

To help you best, we have many options:

Check out what we are doing to help keep you safe >

To our wonderful Tyneside Chiropractic family

In light of the recent Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and sustained transmission, we recognise it is important to keep appropriate perspective and balance the risk by taking measures to limit the spread and protect the particularly vulnerable from infection without inciting undue fear. Your health is and always will be our priority.

We will remain open to care for our community in the most prudent, appropriate and legal way possible. Please know that we fully respect and support any choice you make for your own and your family’s particular concerns.

As our regulator has requested, we are closely monitoring the latest Public Health England and NHS guidance for all our community and have implemented a series of rigorous, upgraded preventative measures specifically designed to protect our clients and clinical team, and to allow for the continued provision of care based on medical need in the safest possible environment.

We are taking the following precautions:

  • Modified Appointment Scheduling: We have added time buffers into our scheduling to allow attending clients a strict socially-distanced encounter with others.
  • Sanitising Measures: We have implemented recently-updated Public Health England measures for stringent hygiene, and infection control/ prevention precautions. We wear gloves, aprons and masks for client contact. Tables, door handles and any other surfaces you may be in contact with are extensively cleaned before and after every consultation.
  • Responsible Self-Exclusion: Per the current government guidance, we ask that if you do not feel well and have a recent onset of a new continuous cough and/or temperature or flu-like symptoms, that you continue to self-isolate for the appropriate duration (7-14 days at home from the onset of your symptoms). Contact NHS 111 if your symptoms worsen or last beyond the 7 days.  Contact 999 for a medical emergency. We have suspended all regular appointments with us whilst the lockdown continues. Please note that, should you require urgent care, we will risk-assess your particular circumstances. * We are looking at alternate arrangements for our at-risk and self-isolating clients during this time, including nutrition support and guidance on an individual basis.
  • Payments: We request that you use either contactless payments or BACS transfers for payments. Details will be provided.
  • We remain open for urgent care only at this time and will do our best to provide excellent, thoughtful care in the safest possible way. This situation will be reviewed daily and obviously, we will implement all other measures as required by our regulator and government in accordance with their action plans.

Remember there’s much you can do to keep well:

  • Wash your hands with soap and hot water
  • Drink lots of water
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Avoid touching your face, especially eyes & nose
  • Cover your cough (inform us immediately)
  • Eat a variety of nutritious meals full of antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables
  • Build your body’s stores of Vitamins C, D, Zinc and Magnesium to support your health (ask us how if you need help)
  • Continue healthy habits of fresh air and social connection through phone calls, text, video in the midst of physically appropriate isolation

Lastly, we are here for our community as a resource, full stop. If you need any other support, please contact us directly on 0191 486 2422 or 07889 269 232.

Yours in health and community,

Kerri Elston Doherty, BA(Hons), DC

Tyneside Chiropractic
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M: +44 (0)7889 269 232

Check out what we are doing to help keep you safe >