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Tyneside Chiropractic

Located on the corner of Tanners Bank and Tynemouth Rd in North Shields, Tyneside Chiropractic utilises gentle and non-invasive chiropractic techniques to help you feel and function at your best, naturally.

Respecting the body’s incredible capacity for healing, regeneration and fine-tuning, we love to teach people how to harness this power that we all possess innately. We know that the spine plays an integral role in our body’s ability to function at its best.

A better-functioning you will help to create a happier you – and that extends to your family, your community and a more healthy, compassionate world.

Chiropractic Care

Altered spinal motion and coordination can interfere with your body’s ability to regulate and repair itself. The neuro-musculoskeletal system plays a key role. Hence, interference to this important system can have an impact on how you function.

We listen to your specific concerns, and together, determine the best course of action. Our focus is to address any improper communication and coordination of your neuro-musculoskeletal system – often a significant component underlying your body’s natural balance and healing ability. When your body functions better, you function better.

If general health and well-being are your goals, we’ll help you find a strategy. We truly are for the whole family: children, pregnancy, healthy check-ups, pain and injury management, sports performance and postural correction

Discover Tyneside Chiropractic

Our personalised service, together with the friendly, relaxed and fun atmosphere, will make you feel comfortable and cared for from your first visit.

We take your problems seriously and spend the required time to find the right solution for you. While Chiropractic Care focuses on the spine, it’s not just about back pain, neck pain and headache. Chiropractic is about getting the most out of your life and functioning at your best.

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Discover Chiropractic

Learn more about chiropractic, how it works and how it can help you function better.

What to Expect

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Read the latest testimonials from our dedicated Customers

Mark D.

“I’ve been an advocate of chiropractic treatment for over 20 years now. And in that time Kerri is definitely a chiropractor whom I regard as the absolute best. I trust her with my body, my mind and that of my daughter’s also. My only issue… is that I now live in Australia and miss her healing hands terribly. I cannot recommend Kerri highly enough.”

Clare H.

“The first time Kerri adjusted me was just after my Mother passed away nearly 12 years ago and my lower back gave out. I couldn’t walk properly and I was in terrible pain. To say she fixed me is an understatement. She helped me understand what was happening in my body, that it wasn’t just a physical thing and she gave me tools to help in case of relapses so I could look after myself. For Kerri, this is a vocation, more than a job and you can see and feel her passion when she talks about how her skills help and heal people. I couldn’t recommend her more highly. You are in safe hands with Kerri.”

Karen H.

“Kerri has treated me for many years following a serious car accident. I stay mobile and fit through maintenance visits to Kerri, combined with exercise and yoga at home.”